Noosha Fox as Georgina Bailey

Here's something strange

See that girl out of Goldfrapp?

Well her brother looked after my friend Stephanie's cat whilst she was on holiday in France this summer. For some unknown reason I was thinking about this yesterday, and it suddenly occured to me that the Goldfrapp girl could be a reincarnation of Noosha Fox. As soon as the thought entered my mind, I gave it no further thought until . . . a few hours later, I was trawling through the net for all time awful songs about France, and I came across a video of Noosha Fox singing "Georgina Bailey".

So, further research produced a plethora of Noosha Fox videos

Georgina Bailey

Only You Can

s s single bed

Imagine me, Imagine you

The I wondered whatever happened to Noosha Fox? The following link might help you

Noosha Fox info

So, now; I'm off to find a Fox complation album for the collection. Noosha was a remarkable singer.