Here’s the poll that’s spicing up the French érections (sorry , élections). Commissioned by Hot Video magazine and carried out by the very serious IFop Poll organisation - Ifop is after all the Institut Français de l’Opinion Public – not much hot or horny going on there.

The pollsters at Ifop were asked to question the French about their voting intentions and sexual practises. The results make interesting reading.

Sarkozy supporters make love an average of 6,7 times a month, compared tp 7,6 times a month for the socialists. The centrists are a more moderate lot – 5,9 sessions per month. On the political extrêmes, things aren’t so extrême. On the far left, nothing revolutionary with 7,7 sessions a month. The most voracious are National Front supporters, enjoying twice weekly relations.

1400people were questioned about the political intercourse

As for more intimate détails - 81% of left wing French ladies say they have given a sucette (meaning lollipop or blow job). This compared to 69% of female Sarkozy supporters.

Of course, you can’t think of sex without DSK, and with this in mind, only 3% of Socialist voters admit to having gone to a Swingers’ Club.