Yes, we all know that the end of the world is nigh, however, if you want to survive the impeding apocolypse, there os one place in the world that will be spared. The small village of Bugarach in France’s eastern pyrenees mountains – for wine lovers, this is corbières country.

Why will Bugarach be spared ? – well, follow the web link below, and you will see the mountain that rises above the village.

Not just a simple mountain though – a site of extra terrestrial activity. Some say the mountain is a beacon for flying saucers, others claim it is a car park for alien craft, there might even be aliens living in the moutain (I hope they are enjoying the wine).

Needless to say, over the summer Bugarach has attracted its fair hare of loonies, and the local population are unhappy at being invaded by a bunch of weirdos who are setting up home in and around the village, ready to be saved on December 21st

Needless to say though, some villagers are very happy. This weekend’s press reports on money-making scams of some industrious villagers.

- hacking bits out the moutain and seling them as souvenirs. Prices start at 1.50 Euros for one gramme of rock.
- prayers – send 60 Euros and a local will pray for you at the foot of the mountain I presume this is supposed to save you without you physically having to go to Bugarach.

I’ve covered Bugarach before on the blog, but as the end of the world approaches, I will keep you informed.